Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'll take a well organized closet any day

A fabulous thing has taken place in my home. I went consignment sale shopping and bought some great bargains and came home and put them away in my kids closets. The process of transitioning our closets from one season to the next is usually one of my most dreaded activities. Washing all of the clothes, putting them away for future use, or storing them away. It's a tedious, seemingly never-ending job. Especially now with two little girls, whose sizes can somewhat overlap, and whose sizes don't match up at the same age. I feel like my organization system can be utter chaos at times.

Any who.

No pictures of my great clothing buys. Sorry for that. I'd be happy to show you how beauuuuuutiful their closets are though! I love me some good organization.

I must say that I found some great things though. My Little Lady is basically set for the warm weather, until she jumps ahead to the next size in later summer. Why is it that kids can't stay one size an entire season? Seriously. And my Little Miss has a ways to go in stocking her wardrobe, but we're definitely set by the majority of the world's standards. I'm going to look for a few more pieces here and there and we'll call it good for her too. It's so nice to have a handle on their closets!

As far as how I've been organizing our outgrown clothing, I think I'm reevaluating. I have a number of 55 gallon tubs, that have been sorted by size and season up until this point. Not anymore. It seems that with these little girls, one size may fit one during a different season than the other. So, I'm needing to reorganize specifically by size. I think that should work out a bit better, as I can just dig thru it as we approach the next size and see if there will be anything for that particular season or not. I have a feeling I'm not going to get to pass down as many clothes as I had once hoped between my girls... at least thru these early toddler years.

I'd love to know how others store and organize their kids clothing. Maybe there is some way that I'm missing that will open my eyes.

For how I fared as a consigner this year, I'm a little disappointed. I probably sold about 1/4 of my clothing that I took. Of what I brought home I am amazed that nobody purchased them, as I felt I underpriced my things compared to many people. I am also stunned by some of the things that I did sell, as there were a few outfits that I almost didn't put into the sale, because I thought they looked too outdated, or my kids never wore them because they were... let's just say... plain ugly. I did part with a couple sweet little dresses that my Little Miss wore to a family wedding, and her first Easter dress. Some things are a bit sentimental, but I don't need to keep them, and I'm glad to realize that now instead of in 25 years.

Of course what I did bring home, will be stored away in case the future allows us to use them again. Otherwise, they will hopefully bless another family in the years ahead.

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