Monday, March 01, 2010

Tagging Away

I have known since last summer that I have a ton of kids clothes that I'm planning to consign this week. I have sorted them, washed them, made tags for them, but the work stopped there. I have only a few hours today, and a couple tomorrow to get them all pinned to their hangers and tagged. I might have another stain or two to treat as well. There are also a number of toys that I'm thinking about attempting to sell as my kids aren't playing with them, so I'll need to search those down and get them ready.

I'm not quite sure why I have procrastinated this so badly, but I do hope that I can get it all accomplished today.

I do love consignment sales though. I love being able to buy my kids clothes for such a discount, and then the next year sell the ones I don't need to keep in order to buy more clothing as they grow. I feel like I've definitely saved our family so much money by using this process for buying. It fits our budget well, and makes me feel like a good steward of our money. It's very rare that I have bought an item for full price in the past few years, in fact I can only think of a handful of things. Even my store purchases (mostly Walmart/ Target/ Carter's/ Children's Place) are all clearance purchases. I don't even shop at premium or designer stores. However, my kids get to wear those brands since that is what I buy at consignment sales!

This year when I buy, I have a plan of action that I'm going to try and follow. I intend to have a list of certain clothes, or outfits, that I want for each daughter. In the past I often feel I buy a large amount of clothing, many of which we don't end up wearing for one reason or another. I also feel like my closets are overflowing, as well as my laundry piles. So, this spring/summer season I'm going to work off of the rule of moderation. I'm going to purchase a certain number of going out clothes, a certain number of running around the house/ out in the backyard clothes, a certain number of dresses, and any other small things that we need. Why is it that each year I think my kids need more clothes than I have?

I also intend to start working on preparing my fall/winter clothes a bit earlier in the season rather than waiting until the last minute again. I'll let you know how that works out for me...

And I also hope to show you all of my great finds that I get this week at the first sale of the season! There are many more sales in the weeks ahead, so I need to force myself to remember that I don't have to buy everything at once, at this one sale. I need to be picky, I need to consider carefully, and I need to stick to my budget and shopping list. Wish me luck.


Devion said...

GOOD LUCK! :) I've never done the consignment sale thing, but when I do purchase clothes, they are clearance typically. It just makes sense that way! :)

Erica said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. You'll have to show us pictures of what you get. I so miss bargins, consignment sales, garage sales, etc. I'm absolutely dreading buying clothing here. I'm still going through sticker shock, but by the time I buy something and have it shipped it's just as expensive. So I'll live vicariously through you. Have fun. P.S. Here's my rule of thumb: If I'd never buy it new, it's not worth spending the money and never wearing even if it is a fraction of the cost.

Bek said...

Good to see your personal blog back! I wish we had a consignment sale down here, but sadly we don't :(

smilinggreenmom said...

Oh wow! Your blog is absolutely beautiful! I am here from the UBP and wanted to say hi :) Thanks for stopping by to visit me at!!! I look forward to getting to know you! :D