Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Now that our birthday celebration has wound down, it's time to start a bit of Spring cleaning around these parts... I long more than anything to have a well organized home. I just can't seem to get there.

We have plenty of space for storage.

Problem is we have plenty of stuff too.

I've often thought that I wish I could just toss everything. However, there is this side to me that thinks, "What if I need that someday? I sure would hate to spend money on another pedometer, or protractor, or gumball machine."

Do you see my point?

I have a bunch of random, not so used items, that take up space. And even though we are lucky enough to have plenty of space for said items, I don't have the correct storage for them. Looking around my house, there are random piles of clutter in each room. Miscellaneous boxes of "junk" that need to be sorted. So, with the change of season I am ready to take on my task.

One room at a time. One pile at a time.

I'm going to learn to let go of some things. I'm going to figure out how to better store others.

It will be a process, but one that I long to accomplish with time. It will be better for my whole family this way.

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Bek said...

Sounds like a big job, but you'll feel so good when it's all done! I'm excited for when we get our own home and have the room to store all the randomness we have in boxes! BTW, have you seen those metal shelves they sell at Costco, the ones you usually see in the back of fast food places for storage? My mom and dad bought one of those a few years back for their garage and used it to stack small and large bins of things, and labeled everything. It worked great for them, and if I end up having a lot of stuff to store I'll probably do the same thing. Just wanted to share the idea with you.