Saturday, July 05, 2008

The process has begun

Quite a while back I blogged about my desire to transform our not-so-formal second dining room into a playroom for my Little Miss and future children. You can catch up on that here. It took quite a bit of convincing to get my husband to go along with the plan. He just didn't like the idea of getting rid of our other dinner table on the rare occasion we have enough people over for dinner that we need it. The table we use regularly only seats 4, so we may be in the process of searching for a larger table now for our eat in kitchen, but we will see.

The second table was always cluttered with junk mail, papers from work, newspapers, random junk, and much more. It was chaos at it's very worst. The room also was home to our desktop computer and other electronic equipment that needed a better storage place. In connection with that dining room is what I refer to as our "front room". It's an additional space in our home that we've chose to put a sofa and loveseat and don't use very frequently, but it's available space when we need it. Overall, the room was not being used to it's potential and needed to be made into an effecient space that our whole family can use.

Organizing Junkie focuses monthly on a specific room of the home to organize and transform, helping readers to regain some control over their lives. The playroom was the focus of the month of June, and I realize it's now July, but like I mentioned it's taken me a while to get my husband on board. Just yesterday we disassembled the table and removed nearly everything from the rooms and I've been slowly bringing in all of Little Misses toys to the space. She's been contently playing in here since and doesn't mind the change one bit.

Now that this transformation is set to take place, I'll be slowly updating as things fall into place. I know this room will be a work in progress for many years to come, as I'm already envisioning toy areas that will be great to have, but she's still just to young for a play kitchen and dress-up area. So for now I'm focusing on the organization and wanted to show you a glimpse into what I've ordered so far and plan to make for the room.

Here is the table and chair set we bought that Little Miss just loves. We do our art projects here and she sits and plays with blocks and play dough on occasion. It's just the perfect size for now.

I've just placed my order for this bookcase and can't wait for it to arrive. She loves reading and looking at books.

And finally here is the toy storage shelf I've been wanting for quite a while now, and it should arrive at my home in the next week or so. It's so cute and I think it will be very functional, giving us a place to store everything away when it's not being used. Above it I'm hoping to have my husband make a couple of wall mounted bookshelves for more book and toy storage.

I'm also hoping to get a coat of light green paint up on the walls soon and I'm looking for an area rug that will be fun and whimsical. There are a number of other things I would love to get for the room, but will just have to do so one at a time and save my pennies. I am so excited though that this room is finally beginning it's transformation!


Lynne said...

I love the table and chairs and the bookcase! I'm sure you'll little one will love reading books in her new playroom. Good luck with your "work in progress"! It's fun to decorate a new space, isn't it? Thanks for sharing!

Casey said...

love the table and chairs and the bookcase! I need one of those bookcases

Devion said...

VERY EXCITING! I know you've wanted little miss to have a place of her own for playing for quite some time. You're more brave than I with the play-doh, though. :)

Katie said...

I have that bookcase thingy in both of my kids' rooms and LOVE IT. It's so untraditional, yet functional. I can barely remember the chaos that the books created before we got them for Christmas! :)

Org Junkie said...

Oh my goodness, great choices! Please let me know when you post pictures of it when it's all done. So great!