Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our newest addition

I am considering creating an actual play room in our home. I have mentioned this idea time and time again to my husband and he continually turns the idea down. Our front room off of our entryway consists of a seating area and a dining area, but we never use either in much fashion. They are furnished, being we have a leather sofa and loveseat, end tables, and a dining table - though like I said we never seem to venture in there. This combined room is fairly spacious and would be excellent to organize into a play room for Baby Girl and her future siblings as we have an actual family room and an eat-in kitchen with a table we do use in another area of our home. So I think I'm going to do it. Despite my husband's disapproval I really believe he will love the concept once it's all in place.

I intend to leave the sofa portion of the room as is, this will give parents a place to sit and interact with one another while across the way our kiddos play. However, I will have to sell the dining room table set that adorns the other half of the room. This is a table set that belonged to my parents while I was growing up, and although I am not fond of it, the idea of selling it for probably a mere $100 doesn't sit well. But it's outdated, it's not my style, and it's in the way of my future play room. I guess I will get over it!

My imagination is running wild with the possibilities of this room. I want to make it an exciting place for creativity to run rampant. I want my babies to love spending time in there and for it to be special to them. All of the items I want to put in there are quite overwhelming, both in space and in cost. I want to make it a well organized space and I want it to have lots of color and activities to engage each of the senses. Here are just a few of the great things I want to put in my play room... ahem... my Baby Girl's play room:

Items like this will help to contain my sanity. I need organization tools and want to teach my babies to pick up after themselves. What better way is there than organization bins, which can be color coded for particular toys!

Of course a table and a set of chairs is essential to any playroom. A place to do art projects of numerous kinds and eat a snack. I love the primary colors and think that they develop such a sense of excitement for the room.

I also want some type of activity jungle gym or climber of sorts. An indoor activity for a rainy day or mid winter. I wouldn't be opposed to a Little Tikes Swing 'N Slide either. Something to get the blood pumping.

I also want a bulletin board up on the wall for learning. We'll have daily learning time too! We'll learn the alphabet, our colors, shapes, numbers. I can't wait to get this room underway!


rmk said...

How fun!!! I wish you luck on this new adventure. I'm sure Emberley will LOVE IT! Heck, I'd love it!

Take pictures and give me ideas!


Devion said...

I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THAT TABLE AND CHAIRS IS FROM!!! I LOVE IT! I think that this will be great and wish that I had somewhere in my home to create a space like this in. We'll see what future homes hold, but definitely a play space is a must!

On a side note, check out Big Lots for some stuff. I've seen things similar, but you'd have to check out brand and quality.

Org Junkie said...

Sounds wonderful! I love your idea of turning a room you don't use into functional space. It just makes so much more sense especially since the table isn't one you love. Time to let it go.

I adore the fabric totes, I have a similar set up in my playroom.

Let me know when you have it completed!


Anonymous said...

You could always put a folding table in a closet or look on for a dining table the size of yours that has leaves to add in for guests. I have gotten so much of our stuff on and often ask to lower the price. I've gotten such deals that way on things I never could have afforded. We got a Pottery Barn style table and chairs that needed a new coat of paint and some cleaning. We ended up just cleaning them well and not re-painting over the light paint/marker/craft stains because we keep making new messes ourselves and re-staining it. ;) You can also sell your things for free on craigslist and use the money to get the things you really want.