Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alphabet Soup - A

A meme about some of my favorite things... care to join in the fun...

Albums - scrapbook or photo. I love being able to flip through the memories of the past and reminisce. I also admit I need to be doing a better job at keeping up albums for my own children to enjoy one day. - what a fantastic website for finding any and every recipe. I love that you are able to search by the ingredients, and also that there are so many reviews by other people to help you alter the dish to your satisfaction.

Apple butter - this is a tasty treat that reminds me of summer's spent at Silver Dollar City.

Amazing Grace - a favorite hymn that gives me a peaceful, easy feeling all over.

Affair of the Heart - nearly the world's biggest and best craft fair! I either spend too much money and feel bad about going there, or I don't go because I don't want to spend the money and feel bad about missing out!

Animals - I especially love the furry, cuddly kinds. They are so amazing and that God had the creativity to design some the way that they are - the giraffe is fabulous!

Afternoon naps - time to breathe. Enough said.

What letter "A" words make you smile? Leave a comment with a link to your list.

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