Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

Just as every momma has the desire to buy her child toys all of the time it can get expensive. I have a bad habit of buying new toys with each trip to the store and I'm always able to justify why she needs that certain one. If you came into our home you would think we had more than one 9 month old living here because of the plethera of toys! Obviously buying toys all of the time can become a little hard on the checking account, so I have made it a point to make toy buying as inexpensive as possible. My first attempt at this took me back to my own childhood and my daughter is in love with this 99 cent find.

Bubbles are so versatile! We can play with them just about anywhere: the kitchen, the bathtub, outside when the weather begins to warm up a bit. They are also a great way to practice her sign language and we use signs for "playing", "more", and "all done". I'm so glad they caught my eye on our last trip shopping or who knows what else I'd be tripping over on the living room floor!

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Devion said...

BUBBLES ARE SO GREAT! You will be amazed at the battles that can be avoided if you'll just whip out the bubbles to deter those fits. They instantly turn frowns or screams into smiles and giggles! YAY for the unassuming bubbles! :)

Kathy in WA said...

You're right, these are the best!

I love fun, affordable toy ideas like this. :)

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Sugar Mama said...

I do childcare in my home and bubbles are a favorite for the kids! They are so cheap... and easy to make, which makes it even more perfect for us moms!

Anonymous said...

Seriously kids NEVER tire of bubbles!