Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A day to myself

My Little Miss has started preschool. She is scheduled to go two days a week. One so that I can sleep after working the nightshift before, and one so that I can take care of our home without sacrificing the time that I spend with her every other day of the week. It really is a win-win situation for us both.

I was beginning to notice that much of the time that I spend with my daughter is spent in the kitchen doing dishes, cleaning, vacuuming, or doing laundry. I am often more focused on taking care of the home than nurturing my relationship with her. I was sacrificing our time together for other things, things that are definitely still important and that she needs to know are important, but not more important than her. So I figured out a solution to fit both of our needs.

I believe that preschool has a lot to offer children, in many aspects. She is getting to interact with other children and other adults to develop social skills, she is attending a Christian preschool which has a great curriculum, she is getting to have new and different experiences that she would not have being home with me every day. I'll just be so excited once she is able to talk and tell me about her day and everything she did! I also believe that being around other little ones will help her with her developmental tasks such as walking and talking sooner.

For me I now will have one day a week that I can get done what I don't feel I ever have enough time to do. I can focus on areas of my home that need my attention and not have to worry about a soon-to-be toddler underfoot. We've lived in this house over a year now and there are still many things that need unpacked, or at least put away. Moving at the end of a pregnancy, having modified bedrest restriction for two weeks, and then having a new baby in the house really zaps any motivation and extra energy to get a house in order.

So yesterday, on the first day of school, I spent the entire day sorting laundry and clothes that have been piling up forever. I am attempting to organize the closet in our guest bedroom with all of the baby items Little Miss has outgrown, as this will be the nursery for our second child when we are blessed with one. I had a dinner prepared when my husband came home, which I've been slacking on for the past couple of weeks or more. I did cheat and use the crockpot, but it was convenient and still delivered a hot and very yummy meal that we both gave 2 thumbs up. I went shopping without having to entertain a child the entire time which made my trip so much faster and efficient. Overall it was a successful day.

Now today I get to focus on my family. Little Miss and I will spend the day playing and laughing. This momma has less on her plate the rest of the week and more time to devote to her daughter. I feel so lucky that this is what I have found that works for my family!

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