Friday, May 23, 2008

Nothing much at all

I love this time of year being able to have the windows open around our home. The cool breeze and the smell of nature is fabulous. Unfortunately I suffer from seasonal allergies though, but in between the sniffles and sneezes and itchy nose I just can't get enough of this weather.

This morning we're hanging out in the kitchen and my Little Miss is underfoot playing in her drawer mixing with spoons and cups and just having a fun time. I've been doing a little bit of baking, banana bran muffins, and the house has quite a yummy smell. Though now I have a kitchen of dirty dishes to put away, it will be worth it with the first bite, and the look on the face of Little Miss as she wants another and another.

This afternoon will be a great day for a nap as I work tonight and the weather is so peaceful. Daddy gets to come home early too since it's a holiday weekend, so I'm very excited about that. It will be wonderful to have Memorial Day to spend together as a family. Since my new schedule we have been doing our best to get in quality family time, and usually that means we sacrifice sleep on my part or bedtime gets pushed back further which isn't always the best solution. We're hoping to attend a couple of family focused activities this weekend, so we're praying the weather cooperates. I'd really like to take a trip to the zoo and attend a music festival this weekend since we have so much time to share together. Otherwise we'll find some activities to do together here at home, which would be great too.

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Natalie said...

Hey Michelle, I thought awhile back I saw your mock lasagne on here but I'm not seeing it now. I would love the recipe, would you mind sending it to me when you get a chance?? :)