Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TAG - Budget Busters

Kendra over at one of my favorite blogs, Handprints on the Wall, tagged me with an interesting meme. Let's see what we can all discover about me today... Here are my 5 biggest Budget Busters.

1. Without a doubt... Craigslist. I am addicted. There is no other way to put it. I am currently searching for a patio's worth of play things for my Little Miss and have hit the jackpot...

2. FORMULA is another huge budget buster. If I'd have only known I would have fought to keep up my milk supply a little bit harder than I did. This breaks down to a cost of about $5 per day or $130+ a month. Not to mention the pricey bottle liners. Wowzers!

3. GAS. I can't do this meme without mentioning it. Though it hasn't been the greatest strain on us it's making a difference in our budget since Daddy drives so far to work. It's also putting a limit on the amount of traveling we're able to do.

4. FAST FOOD. We're doing much better about cooking and eating at home, but there are still weeks that the majority of our meals come from the drive thru. It pays to take the time to menu plan and stick to a grocery list.

5. Drumroll please... DEBT. It's an awful burden, but we're working on it and boy will our shoulders feel so much lighter when the day comes we're finished worrying about this biggest budget buster of all!

Now, who to tag... If you read this post, your tagged!!!


Kendra at Hand Prints On The Wall said...

Cool. Looks like we have a few in common! Craigslist is a habit of mine too, but a good one I think, as it has saved us money several times over! I'm so glad you enjoy our blog!

Devion said...

Hope you've survived your weekend. We'd love to have you at group some Sunday night at the church building. It is strictly an hour now and really laid-back...no "hardcore" study or anything...just talking about our weeks and such. We miss you guys!!!

Misty said...

i HEART craigslist! my dh doesn't get it, tho!! i have only gotten a few things, but i still like to look almost every day just to see what cool stuff ppl post! weird addiction, i know! :)