Thursday, May 01, 2008

Alphabet Soup - F

I guess it's time to finally catch up...

Family Time - When my husband, Little Miss, and myself get to spend quality time together each week. I so look forward to Sunday afternoons and select evenings each week that we can share, just the three of us.

Flowers - I love fresh flowers! Whether in a garden or a vase on my table, they are beautiful and they smell so good. The just brighten my day, and they are everywhere this time of year!

Friends - Having good friends to share your concerns with and also just to chat about the silly things in life. Becoming a mommy has helped me to realize that friendships are essential and bring balance to a hectic world.

Funnel Cake - Just one bite is all I need, but it's a tasty treat that brings back memories.

Farkel - A fabulous dice game that can keep you occupied for hours at a time. It's a game that allows for conversation and enjoying the company of those your with. Laid back.

Family Camp - Though I'm not quite a part of that circle anymore, I was reminded of camp this morning. I loved those weekends with friends and the focus on God that it brought to my life.

Faith - Having faith in God is such a foundation for my world. Though I struggle so much to make this a focus and a part of my everyday, it's something that has made me who I am and is helping me to have faith in greater things to come.

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Devion said...

Family Camp. :( Weren't we all gonna go THIS year! *sigh* These pregnancies!!! :) Maybe next year if baby T isn't in the works (or has already been born)??? :)