Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WFMW - Carseat Questions

With one infant child safety seat in our little car, there was no question where it would go. I knew that I'd be placing it in the middle of the backseat. Now that Baby Girl is moving up to a convertible carseat and we are needing to buy a different vehicle, so that it will fit, I have questions.

Soon enough we will be purchasing a minivan. When we find the right one, for the right price. I am definitely interested in the second row bucket seat style, but don't know which side to place the child safety seat. I see advantages to both scenarios. Opposite of me she will be in better view, but we will both be on opposite sides if there were to be a side impact crash. I do realize soon enough when we add to our family that there will be a child on each side of the vehicle, but for now which side would you choose, or have you chosen? I need advice in this area.

This week Rocks in my Dryer is hosting a backwards edition to WFMW, so you may be able to help out other people too. Check it out!


Vanessa said...

When I had one child, I always put them behind me for ease of getting them out of the car without having to walk around.

Hope you can find something that works for you!

Jeni said...

Our van has a bench-style 2nd row, so we can still put her in the middle.

If I had to choose, I think I'd choose the passenger side - that way if we get hit from oncoming traffic, she'd be in a slightly safer position.

Little Piddles said...

If you have a bucket style seat then the middle is the safest. When I have just one of my girls with me I put them behind my seat so that I can get them out of the car easier. I also have the little mirror that attaches onto your rear view mirror to see them in the back wihtout having to adjust my mirror.

MamaToo said...

As she gets to toddler/preschool age and is walking along side you to the car, I find it helpful to have the car seat on the sidewalk side of the car (usually opposite of driver). This is simply so I'm not fiddling with a car seat on the street.
However, with 2 kiddos, everything changes. We have "captain" style seats in our minivan, so I haven't had the option of them in the middle... :)

Anonymous said...

If you are buying a newer van it probably comes with the "latch" system. If it is only on one side I would use whatever side that it is on because it is the best way to buckle the car seat in.
If that doesn't matter I would put them on the driver side. If they are on the passenger side then you would have to walk all the way around the van to get to your set leaving them in the car. It would make me a little nervous with how the world is today. Please don't think I am trying to scare you, I am just thinking about safety, we live in a big city so I am always careful when getting in my vehicle with the kids.

Melanie said...

Honestly, I would go to the local state patrol office and ask an officer there. I even went once to make sure a new car seat was installed correctly. They were VERY helpful and shocked that someone asked them.

Anonymous said...

I have 4 kids now with the 5th on the the question is long past "moot" for me. LOL. But back when I had just one, I put her behind the driver for conveniance of getting her in & out.

Statistically (I used to be a carseat tech) I can tell you that it really doesn't matter which side you use from a perspective of crash safety. Unless one of the buckets is a bit further from the outside of the car than the other...then there can be a difference.


Anonymous said...

Oh...on the "LATCH" issue--it really isn't any safer than seatbelts! Its just supposed to be easier. But there were a few times at carseat checks where a vehicle had LATCH, and I still used the seat belt to do the install because I couldn't get a good install with LATCH. Always tried LATCH first though...

Then there was the SUV that the parents specifically bought because it was supposed to have LATCH, the seats had the little markers for it...and the anchors were no where to be found! We reccommended that if it was really important to them, they go back to the dealer and demand a full refund based on misrepresentation of the vehicle features.