Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Alphabet Soup - B

Time for the letter B, here are some of my favorite B things:

Baby lotion - the smell is just so good!

Bread pudding - my husband and I shared this splendid dish at a nice restaurant while celebrating an anniversary years ago. We had never had it before, and loved it. It's a signature dish that I hope to make in our family for years and years to come.

Blogging - I couldn't post this without admitting my addiction. I love blogs, both writing them and reading them. There is just so much great information and advice available through blogs. Check out some of my favorites when you have time!

Board games - Getting together with friends or family to play a game is one of my favorite ways to spend time. I enjoy the mild competition and being able to laugh and talk with one another for hours at a time.

Bed, Bath, & Beyond - They just have great stuff, amazing stuff, and their 20% off coupons are delightful.

Banana bread - I love the smell and it tastes so good warm out of the oven. I'm planning to make a loaf or two this week with some ripe bananas I've stored in the freezer. I can't let all of those extra bananas go to waste!

Bedtime - I enjoy spending the day with Baby Girl and love her to pieces, but when bedtime rolls around it's time she goes to sleep and momma gets time with daddy and time to myself.

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kcbryans04 said...

Love the alphabet soup idea, I am going to have to steal that one from you!