Friday, February 29, 2008


It's probably not very good when I realize each night before bed that I haven't had much of anything to drink that day. When I say "much of anything" I mean nothing besides the milk on the spoon from when I had breakfast, if I ate breakfast. I do this day after day. As I type this I have remembered that this nightly conversation has taken place every single night this week, so I am drinking. Unfortunately my body doesn't tell me that it is thirsty very often, and when I do "feel" thirsty I can drink a gallon in under 60 seconds. I am considering filling a couple of 32 ounces mugs with water each night before bed and having them nice and cold in the fridge for when I awake the next morning. Maybe if they are there staring me in the face I'll drink them. But then again I rarely open the fridge either somedays, but that is another post for a later day.


Bek said...

I hope you drink more water, missy! You're the one who told me while I was pregnant that I needed more water!!! :) I know what you mean, though. When Chloe started on solids, and we started nursing less often, I went back to my old habits and stopped drinking all the time, because I didn't feel thirsty. Then I wondered why my milk supply went down! I have to get up every morning and make myself a huge glass of water and keep it on the counter. Sometimes I surprise myself because I end up refilling it! But if it's not out there for me, I'm too lazy to go make a glass of water for myself. Sad, isn't it?

Kimberly said...

I went most of my life not drinking water, but I'm now an H2O convert. Luuuurve it!

I use a reward system. When I empty a pitcher I give myself a treat (half hour of guilt-free reading, a bubble bath, some computer time). It helps keep me focused.

Good luck - it's worth it!