Friday, March 07, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new (sort of)

My I love each new season. One of the best parts of Spring for this momma is consignment sale shopping. There are a handful of great consignment sales here in our metro area, but my favorite, by far, is the Just Between Friends sale. They hold this sale each Spring and Fall and I mark the dates on my calendar well in advance. There is nothing like buying an entire wardrobe for less than $150, my I wish adult clothing was so inexpensive!

This year with a little hesitation I decided to consign some of Baby Girl's baby clothes. Though I love so much of her clothing, I decided it would be worth the effort to do this. What made the decision easier for me was that the chance I would need the clothing again is minimal. Truly what are the odds that I will have a baby girl born again in the Spring and wearing the same sizes? Not worth the space in my house or the money I would gain from resale to go towards a new wardrobe for this Spring and Summer. And I also have witnessed how even baby clothes do go out of style in the matter of 5-6 years through some hand-me-downs we have received. Though ever so grateful, I would prefer my hand-me-downs just a tad newer. So I began my sort.

I did have some reluctancy as I went through all of her outgrown items of clothing. I saved a handful or two that I just felt bonded with a little more. The clothing she wore for portraits, the outfit she wore home from the hospital, a few of her cute dresses, and of course the onesies and such that another baby girl would definitely wear someday. I felt like a few of her outfits were just extra special and whether they clothe a baby sister or a teddy bear someday only time will tell.

With the money I hope to gain from selling her other clothing I purchased an entire new wardrobe for her, well almost. There are definitely pieces missing that we still need, but I will search other consignment sales and garage sales for those. Why am I so interested in buying used clothing? For the most part children's clothing is in excellent shape. As long as you double or triple check from spitup and poo stains, there is little actual wear to the clothing, unless it was repeatitively used quite often. There were so many of Baby Girl's clothes that I can say she wore only one or two times, and even a few that were never worn for one reason or the next. I even had a couple of pieces that still had the tags on. Just imagine that you have racks and racks of marked down "used" clothing in similar condition. It feels like you have hit the jackpot I tell you.

So we have probably a dozen or more summer dresses, onesie shirts, a bunch of two piece outfits, a few pair of pants, an Easter dress, an extra swimsuit, a pool floatation device, a sun tent, and much more I'm already forgetting. Hopefully in what I myself sold I'll be able to have paid for the majority of those items. I intend to work this system as such each season until we know if a baby sister will be part of our family, then we'll do a lot of hand-me-downs between the two girls at that time. But for now, and in less than a year, I've made the decision not to let rubbermaid tubs overrun my house and we'll purge as we go.


Holly said...

Hey there! It was good to see you Thursday night, even if it was brief! Its been forever since I've seen you! I'm so glad you were successful in your shopping ventures and I hope that your selling ventures are even more successful. Take care & good to see you.

Misty said...

i love love love consignment shopping! and our spring/summer sale is coming soon... gotta work hard to nut buy the bug clothes (he's a baby and so much more fun to shop for) and concentrate on the bear's summer wardrobe!!