Monday, February 25, 2008

It all worked out

Praise the Lord! I believe that things with work are, well, working themselves out. I have agreed to work Friday and Saturday nights for the duration of the next schedule, a matter of only a few months. After that timeframe I will begin Saturday and Sunday nights, which is my schedule of choice. This compromise I felt was the best way to deal with the issue. I am thankful and see that this plan was probably for the best from the beginning, God must have had his hand in the deal obviously. With this new schedule I am able to have off Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, and possibly Father's Day, all of which I am truly grateful to be able to spend with my family. Also it will allow me to stay home with Baby Girl Monday thru Friday and once she is one year old and starts attending daycare, she'll go on Mondays while I sleep. I won't have to be home with my baby girl trying to stay awake after a night of working! Let me say it again, PTL!


Devion said...

YAY! I saw your update on facebook and immediately came here to check if you'd blogged about it. God is good and is always faithful if we'll just give HIM the glory!!!

Bek said...

That's awesome!!! It works out for you now to be able to spend time on the holidays, and later that you'll get those Friday night/Saturday morning visits to see family. God is good! I'm so happy for you, Michelle! PTL!!!! (It took me a minute to figure out what you meant with that...then I realized how ignorant i am ) :)