Friday, February 22, 2008

Prayer Request

After being told by my director I had gotten the position I had requested (Sat/Sun Weekend Option), I am now being told that instead the position they are offering me is for Friday/Saturday night. Unfortunately nothing was in writing about the specific days of the week yet, despite me verbalizing my desire for Sat/Sun and that I was filling a position being vacated which was Sat/Sun. My director and clinical leaders are telling me staffing is much shorter on Fridays than Sundays and that they need me to be on Fridays instead. This is not okay with me! This does not benefit us nearly the same and I feel that I am being screwed to say the least. I will plan to fight this and plan to figure out a way to make this work yet, but I'm not very hopeful at the moment. Unfortunately the people telling me all of this work for the "Big Guys" and care more about the hospital than the do the nurses. I am planning to go to my directors boss and see if she has any insight for me, but I can not do this until Monday. I see everything unraveling around me, and had been praying and hoping for this to work out for the last month. When I thought it had, poof! I need prayers right now more than ever. I'm angry! I'm irritated! And I feel helpless! This is my life and they know how much I needed this right now to get some sanity back from all of the chaos that has hit us this past month or two. I'm just so frustrated that they don't seem to care.

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