Friday, February 02, 2007

January in February

My attempt to resurrect this blog doesn't seem to be going as well as I'd hoped. I thought I might give a monthly recap as January has been full of interesting and not-so interesting tidbits. The month began with an icky car accident that sent me and baby-to-be to the hospital for an afternoon. We are both well and the extent of the damage rested fully on our brand new '06 Subaru. 29 days later our car has finally been released from the collision center and we're hoping it's back to new again. We'll wait and see.

This month has also been an interesting month to drive a rental car as the weather has not be very pretty, snow and ice most of the month has kept me inside the majority of the time. Though I haven't driven as frequently as I would have in my own car, it's been nice to be running late and not feel the need to warm up my engine before driving off since I'm not attached to this other vehicle.

We've visited a few more open houses, worked on becoming preapproved for a home loan, hooked up with a real estate agent and are slowly getting the home buying process rolling. I did find a house I love, though my husband thinks I love every house I see, this is really "the one" I want. Unfortunately the price is a little too high. Negotiable probably, but who knows. It is FSBO. I love it though, it reminds me of a grown-up's house, though the women I work with assure me I'm a grown-up I still don't feel thataway. I think I mostly mean it's a house that I could raise my children in for the next couple of decades and could see spending the next phase or two of my life. Those grown-up phases.

Glad to hear the Phil didn't see his shadow today, I'm ready for Spring. I was a little surprised to hear how infrequently he predicts Spring to arrive early, this may be only his 15th time ever I believe I heard. Come on Spring. Come on new house. Come on baby. This will be one exciting year and I hope to blog about a little more frequently, but once you're out of the habit I'm learning it's hard to get back in.

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Tracy said...

There really is a lot going on in your life! New house, wrech, expecting a baby - no wonder you don't have a lot of energy left for blogging. And I insist that they day it is no longer fun or theraputic I will give it up. I don't want it ever to be something that I *have* to do. Got enough of that thankyouverymuch.