Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Let's start packing

I've spent most of the day (when I've been awake) searching real estate websites for homes. I'm just getting so darn excited to find the house that we'll be bringing our baby home to and that we'll get to watch him or her go through the early years. It seems our price range at this time isn't going to buy me my dream house, or the house I plan to grow old in, but that is okay.

I've decided I need to get busy packing, sorting, and organizing our things in order to make our move in the coming months. So that is probably what my spare time will consist of. It will be good though to purge through things I really don't need and the thought of it actually gets me excited. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few boxes from work tomorrow and get started over the weekend, but we will see.

I need to refresh my brain on Flylady's packing tips. Her website has so many wonderful ideas to make the process less painful. If you ever plan to move, she's the one to turn to for help.

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