Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A new year

Well this blog has seemed to have gone by the wayside as I discovered I'm pregnant and started a brand new baby blog to document my pregnancy and the life of our "little tike" thereafter. But, I would like to hope that through this journey into motherhood that I'm not going to lose myself and my own identity so for now I'd like to try again and blog here about other things in my life.

I always LOVE the holiday season and I'm so grateful that morning sickness subsided just after Thanksgiving so that I could enjoy it this year. Edit: at least during the time I was awake I enjoyed it, I slept nearly 10-12 hours a day constantly. I love getting together with family and friends, and just feeling the cheer many people have about this time of year. Sometimes I feel as though I'm 8 years old all over again. I love traditions and am getting excited about forming some for my very own children. Traditions which they will remember their entire lives and carryover (maybe one or two) as they have children themselves.

Thankfully this year I was able to have an entire 5 days off of work for Christmas, being a nurse that is wonderful and I know it won't happen often. We spent the majority of the time away from our home with our families, but my husband and I really neglected to have any time together for ourselves. Next year though, we'll make it happen. Don't get me wrong we'll share the baby, but it'll be nice to have some time to reflect on our own family.

Work is going well and I'm loving the bond I now get to share with my patients. I think both they and I look at one another in a different light and with a different appreciation. I know the coming months there are going to get tough and I don't want to puch myself too hard, but thankfully my co-workers are so wonderful and my charges look out for me as well. Only 4.5 short months until summer and I'm on maternity leave though!

As for the new year I never resolved to do anything this year. I worked all weekend and never heard or thought of the word resolution until now. I guess preparing for mommyhood is resolution enough and the fact that we are planning to buy a house and move in the coming months will give me plenty to do. Yes that's right we ARE going to buy a house, finally. I haven't been very virtuous in patience when it comes to buying a house for the past few years. But now is our time. With baby on board a two bedroom apartment just won't cut it much longer so the search is on. Hoorah!

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Tracy said...

Michelle, I'm enjoying reading your blog and its so cool to think of you teaching a childbirth class while going through your first pregnancy. What an awesome appreciation and level of care you are going to bring to those women!

And I'm sure you have heard this before, but let me add to the chorus that in being a mother you don't have to lose yourself. You don't have lose anything. Being a mom will bring out the best in you and you will learn so much about yourself its kinda scarey and terribly humbling and will make you so incredibly worshipful to the God of Big Ideas who can use small people. Savor this time!!