Friday, August 04, 2006

Not just another style

My hair is finally getting long enough to do something with. Yeah! I've been twisting it up some, curling it a bit more, and even straightening it out some of the time. Unfortunately it's so thick that I don't really enjoy taking the time to fix it up all cute. The world would be a perfect place if I could have somebody come to my home daily and style my hair for me. It wouldn't have to be anything fancy at all, just something other than the air-dried style I opt for the majority of the week. I had forgotten what it was like to have long hair, it does take a lot more time - to wash, to dry, to brush, to style. But that is okay. I still want my hair long, longer even. I'd really be happy with another 6 inches, give or take. And then I want layers! Woohoo! Layers that frame my chin and skim my shoulders, rather than highlight my earlobes. I'm feeling girlie all of a sudden! It's amazing what hair does for you, how it makes you identify yourself.

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Bek said...

I love your resolutions! I want to make some but I'm too lazy right now, maybe I can work on that, getting motivated!

I know what you mean with the hair thing! I whacked all mine off when I was 16 (it was short enough to spike!) When it started growing out it was such a great feeling!

I hope that you get some good scrapping done, and you should take pictures of the ones you like! It's good to see you bloggin frequently too! I need to do that...