Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My favorite things

Being a huge Oprah fan I've decided to do a post about my favorite things before her season episode debuts on the same subject. There are many things in life that I love and enjoy, and here are a few that always put a smile on my face.

*Edit: I'm glad to see that the items on my list are not so much materialistic "things" rather the sentimental "things" of life that make me happy.

1. Pictures... photo albums, picture frames. I love looking at the lives of others and pictures are such a good representation of a life. I'm currently on a mission to start our own family photo albums and to display important family photos in our home. When we have a house I plan to display photos all over the place. Most importantly I want to, above our mantel, have a photo collage of our engagement place - the Flinthills Tallgrass Prairie; and, in our family room I want to display old black and white photos of our family through the generations.

2. Touch... from somebody who loves me. A warm hug, to have my hair played with, a foot rub, a good back stratching these simple things mean so much. To have my hand held when I need the support or to snuggle when I'm sad seems to help me through some hard times and even the not so hard times.

3. The Holiday Season... and everything it brings with it. Family time, good food, baking, snow, Jesus, parties, the smell of cinnamon, wrapping presents, the music... the list goes on an on. It's a time of year that I anticipate months before and savor as long as possible.

4. Singing... whether it be in the privacy of my shower, while driving down the road, or in church on a Sunday morning I love to sing. I may not have the most beautiful voice and I may change keys in the middle of a verse, but I still enjoy to sing. It puts me in good spirits no matter what else may be happening during the day.

5. Scrapbooking... is great fun for me and a way to express myself however I want. I don't get to spend a whole lot of time doing this craft, but when I do I usually have a blast. It's an outlet I am able to use to redirect my mind and take a break from other aspects of life that may be getting me down. I want to try to make this a routine in my week and something I make the time to do for myself more often.

6. A good conversation... with family or friends. This always can make me feel loved and in touch with people important to me. It's so easy to become caught up in the chaos of life and not take the time to reach out to those I consider closest to my heart. When I do take the time though it makes me feel connected and look at life differently. Good conversations ease and comfort me. Having somebody to talk with and someone to listen to me really does make this journey so much smoother.

7. Quiet time... whether behind the pages of a good book or sitting on my patio listening to the rain, I love those times to myself. When life is so at ease that I'm not rushing around or hurrying to get things done I love to sit and simmer in these moments. Not having a care in the world and letting my mind rest brings a subtle peace over my life.

8. Organization... I love the concept behind this one. I haven't mastered organization yet in all areas of my life, in fact most areas are still unorganized in varying degrees. However on days when I've accomplished this I'm happy as a clam. The days when my bedroom looks like a bedroom, nothing to step on, nothing to see but what belongs in their assigned places, my heart pitter patters. I enjoy writing to do lists and checking off, one by one, my goals for the day or week as they are finished. I love cleaning out my closet, my pantry, my scrapbooking supplies and putting them back into proper arrangement. It's this anal Michelle that visits every so often that wins over my heart and my home.

9. Memories... especially the ones I had forgotten, for so many years, that sneak their way back into my mind. Looking back at the past and remembering happy moments that make me smile, moments that have molded me into the person I am today. Everyday I hope to make new memories that I will be able to recall years down the road and tell my children about, or recall while sitting on my front porch with the love of my life.

10. Yummy scents... whether it be fresh banana bread in the oven, candles burning, or another sweet smell they make me happy. I have always wanted a home that receives compliments because it smells good and I try everyday to bring nice aromas into the air. I also love the smell of autumn and scents that remind me of things from my past. Every so often I catch the smell of damp cedar, sweetened popcorn, or tar on a warm day and it reminds me of summers past, those are happy moments.


Bek said...

I think I steal all of your ideas to put them on my blog...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! I like all of your favorite things by the way, very enlightening!

Maria Clark said...

i cant believe my last comment didnt show up... maybe that is because i still dont know how to do this whole blog thing.. hahaha. love ya!