Thursday, April 13, 2006

Let me say it again

I love LOST. Every Wednesday evening I vow never to miss an episode of this sci-fi thriller. It's packed full of great mystery and drama which everything put together makes for a fabulous television show. I'm sad to know that the season is drawing closer to it's end, just because it seems to be getting really good at this point. I guess I'll have to resort to renting the first season and drawing clues from past episodes I may have missed. Last night's show had some interesting insights that I wish had been elaborated, and if it weren't for the fact that someone who reads my blog wasn't a whole season behind, I too would speculate on details. I sure wish it would have been a two hour episode. Again I must wait another week for more island adventures and craziness.

If you haven't seen this show, I really recommend it. You can rent the entire first season and the second one will be out soon enough. Or if you're like me you can find one of the many websites dedicated to the show and spend hours on end investigating ever detail or conclusion someone has seemed to find. It really does draw you in and leaves you hanging on each week to come. I love LOST.

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jayme said...

If you had spoiled it for woulda been busted. :)

I can't wait for season 2.