Friday, April 07, 2006

Hair matters

I have just returned from getting my hair done. I LOVE IT!!! Spending the extra money was totally worth it and I can not believe that I waited until now to take this teeny-tiny baby step. My hair is gorgeous and looks like something out of a magazine or off of television, honest.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I will always and forever go back:

1. She looked at and touched my hair before we even started. She asked my opinion and helped me to decide what it was that I wanted and needed in a haircut.

2. She showed me how to style my hair with blow drying, parting, and tips in general to help make this haircut stay gorgeous tomorrow when it's all up to me.

3. She did not use any styling products like gel, mousse, paste or anything of the sorts in my hair. I didn't even have to chime in and ask her not to.

4. She used a straightening iron, which I've been wanting to buy, to make my hair smooth as silk. My hair is flowing so beautifully and feels awesome to the touch.

5. She didn't razor the heck out of it or thin it out anywhere except a section that obviously needed it. Plus she asked first!!!

Ok, one more, I've got to add number six...

6. She gives the best scalp massage I've ever had. Amazing, simply amazing.

The extra cash was definitly worth it. I have to say I've never had a haircut I felt so good about. She touched up my bangs (and actually made them side-swept bangs as originally intended) and kept all of the length (it actually looks longer thanks to the straightening iron).

I have found a new hairstylist. I love her, I love my hair, and I'm darn happy right now.

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Devon said...

And you didn't even mention who it is. Share the wealth, girl, share the wealth!

I didn't even see you long enough at church to get a good look at your hair! In fact, did I talk to you AT ALL?!?!?!? Crazy. Hope you're doing well and that you've had a good week since I last talked to you.

Talk at ya later!