Friday, April 07, 2006

Money matters

I just made an appointment for my first haircut in the "big city" we have called home for over a year now. Up until now I've made it a point to get my hair cut and styled when we were back in our home town in efforts to avoid paying the prices which I feel are just too much. My whole adult life the hair salon I've gone to has charged me $15 for a wash, cut, and style. That seems very reasonable and yes, I know I've been spoiled. Well, today marks the day I'm moving on.

This afternoon I will be getting my hair done by a "Senior Stylist" for a mere cost of $31, not too bad considering there are many people who pay upwards of $100 or much more for this beauty must-have. I've always said beauty has a price and well now it's time to suck it up and eat my words. No, thirty-one dollars is not going to break me, but it's the principle of the matter. That plus a tip mind you, and the cost if I decide to go for something extra like an eyebrow wax which usually happens on such days as this... well there we have $50 spent, just like that when I'm used to spending only twenty-five.

I'm spoiled, it's a very hard thing to overcome. I'll admit it now, my next trip back home will include getting my hair highlighted, cause I just can't bring myself to doing it here quite yet. There's no way I can figure spending $60 when I can get great results for $35 in my little hometown salon. Just no way. I tell you, today is a baby step for me, it feels like a giant leap, but it is just a baby step.

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