Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Weekend

We were able to travel back home to spend an entire weekend with both families this past Easter. We arrived late Friday night and went out with "the cousins" and had some fun. Everytime we go back home it amazes me when I see people that I went to high school with, whether we were good friends or not, it's always interesting. Claire was in town from Austin and it's always exciting to see her and here what she's up to down in Texas. Danica was there with her new cowboy, and they were absolutely cute together.

The next day was spent hanging around my parent's home. Jason took his "new" bicycle out on a ride on one of his favorite roads, and I did a bit of preparing for my sister's bridal shower. We went to lunch with both families at a great little Mexican restaurant we miss here in OP, "La Hacienda". Then afterwards we made a trip to Payless with Angie which is always a great thing. I picked up a gorgeous purse that I love and Jason and I both bought a pair of their brand of "Crocs" for the summer. More of the afternoon was spent around my parent's house. Matt and Maria were able to come home all weekend too. She had fun looking through wedding stuff, and baking him cookies while he slept all afternoon. Matt had corrective eye surgery just a couple days before traveling home and needing alot of rest for his eyes. That night Jas and I had dinner out with his Parent's, who we had yet to see that weekend, at Shanghai.

Sunday morning was church service and lunch at grandma's as usual. It was the first year Maria was without an Easter basket and she seemed pretty torn up. For lunch we had ham and turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, deviled eggs, rolls, sweet potatoes, jello salad, and probably other things I can not recall. It was a magnificent meal for April. Almost Christmas Dinner --- minus the dressing and noodles, my favorite! During lunch we experienced the jellybean caper (i.e. who put the jelly beans in the bottom of grandma's tea) and just enjoyed one another's company. The afternoon Easter egg hunt was again a first for Maria as she only had one special item to find (which I hid, hehehe). Where do carrot's grow? Under the ground of course!

Before we headed out of town we made a stop by Jason's parents' house and spent a little more time with them. They grilled steak for dinner which is always yummy. We enjoyed time in his mom's backyard looking at the beautiful things she is growing, and the guys helped by planting a dogwood tree. It was a gorgeous evening.

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