Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A feW GoOd tHinGs

I'm going through a good stage at work. I'm loving my job. Sometimes it doesn't seem I do so much and then there are times, like lately, that I'm very happy and content. I think it just depends on my attitude and how I'm handling stress and anxiety at any given moment. One way I've always felt myself to be is easy-going or carefree in times of stress. Though my job hasn't quite proven that characteristic of mine to be true. I've always felt and said that there isn't need to worry, to get worked up over things because that just adds to the problem. I just take a breath and take it one moment at a time. Work has made that difficult, but I'm relearning that thought process. In moments of stress I must realize that I'm only one person, I'm doing all that I can handle at any given moment, and circumstances will work out in the end if I keep a level head. It works in other areas of my life, I just need to remember to keep applying it everywhere.


I worked out tonight. The first time in a few weeks. Although I didn't want to, and I probably wouldn't have if my husband hadn't persuaded me. I did a few dozens crunches, worked out on the elliptical, and lifted leg weights. I had kind of forgotten that exercise isn't such a process if you don't swim. I enjoy swimming for exercise and have done it most recently when I've felt like going to the gym, but it's time consuming. The prep time afterwards to get cleaned up makes it a much longer feat. I think that I'm going to be sore tomorrow. My legs were trembly by the end of my workout and they're getting a little achey as I sit here typing. I just need to get this habit started and stick with it. Why do I have such a hard time following through???


I love the smell of fresh mowed grass. It reminds me of my childhood and late Saturday evenings play out in our backyard on the swingset.

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