Tuesday, January 10, 2006

...a little bit of that

Wow. The holidays are over and life is still in full swing. I did work Christmas day which turned out not to be so bad. Though I definitly will be thankful not to have to do that for the next two years (or more if I can figure a way out of it). Today and tomorrow I have off from work and I'm wanting to get plenty of things accomplished during that time. A little cleaning the apartment, spending time with my husband, and maybe squeeze in some scrapbooking and quilting time as well. Oh yes, and I'm starting a new hobby, but I'm not yet convinced that I know what I'm doing.

Beading. Who out there has ever done this before? It looks like it could be a fun and great craft to get involved with. What girl doesn't like jewelry? I love it, just never seem to wear it. Maybe that will change though after I make a necklace or bracelet or two of my own. So, I plan to work on that today and tomorrow as well.

For Christmas I got a musical keyboard... well, after Christmas I got a keyboard. Thank you to Grandma, Marvin and Scott for the Christmas cash that made it's way to Best Buy a couple of days later to make the purchase I had been wanting since last Christmas. My wonderful husband contributed to that gift as well, because I took back one of his gifts after the holiday and got some funding towards my keyboard. He bought me a very thoughtful gift, but I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in the quality of these gizmos. You see... as a nurse my feet A-C-H-E when I get home from work and every day I'm asking for a foot massage from the man. As a gift he bought me a Conair Foot Spa, and not the cheapest model either so that's not the problem, but it in no way compares to the foot massages I need to heal my sore feet. So it was returned to BB&B for a refund. Now my hubby gets to continue giving me massages after work... and play chopsticks continually on my keyboard every waking hour of the day. What a trade-off.

Anyways, I think I'll practice a bit on the keyboard today too. Look out Mozart!

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Devon said...

All this talk of beading is making me anxious!!! I HAVE THE NEED TO BEAD! And don't you worry 1 bit, Devon's gonna teach you all you need to know about the wonderful world of beading, k? Oh, and Melinda had her baby...Details should me on my Xanga soon!