Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Welp. I'm going to try to lose weight. Hence the first resolution on my list above. I've got some added motivation behind me on this one, so here's the plan.

- Start exercising a minimum of four days a week, for thirty minutes at a time.
- Try to go to the gym at work after I get off and use the treadmill or cycle.
- Find a swimming pool in the area so that I can lap swim once/twice a week.
- Eat healthy!!!
- A large breakfast
- Healthy snacks throughout the day
- Lots of salad and veggies (which I really do enjoy)
- Less carbs that are not whole grain
--- REMEMBER --- Calories in should be less than my calories out

Now what's motivating me...

First off, a summer wedding where I'm the largest in the bridal party. This can not happen. But if I'm destined to be the biggest I'm going to look my darned best!

Secondly, the fact that I want to have a baby at some point and want to be in better shape before that happens.

Thirdly, I'd really like to try to do a short distance triathalon this spring... the end of April actually. I need endurance and less cellulite jiggles for that!

Lastly, a contest I'm in at work. Seven of us have signed up to see who loses the most weight by April 1st. Actually the largest percentage of body weight. Everyone puts in $20 and the pot is $140. The kicker though is there is a poster in the break room that has our weights published for everyone to see. And every three weeks when we weigh-in it goes up on the poster. I'm doing this to save my own ego in the end.

I do have other factors that have influence on this decision as well, like health and wanting to look good... for both myself and my husband ;-)

But that's the short of it. I'm grocery shopping today and plan to invest in the Dole company for all the rabbit food I plan to buy.

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