Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A little bit of this...

New Years resolutions are not going so well. But do they ever? I have to say it is a very nice thought to try to improve yourself at the start of a new year, but there is just so much that I want to accomplish I always fail. I'm not the person to make one, and just one, resolution and stick with it. No, I make like 15... let's see...

1. Lose weight (an obvious resolution)
2. Get my address book in order
3. Send out cards for birhtdays, anniversarys, and all occasions in between
4. Start cooking dinner more often (as I attempt to eat healthier)
5. Read my bible daily and finish in one year
6. Have a better prayer life
7. Teach a Sunday school class (which is hard when you work every third Sunday)
8. Call my family more often, and friends too
9. Get dressed on my days off, and not just wearing jeans, & accesorize!
10. Keep my home de-cluttered
11. Learn to play the keyboard/piano
12. Spend more time enjoying my hobbies
13. Spend less time watching tv (I think I've been so busy I'm achieving this one)
14. Keep growing my hair out and not cut it short in 2006
15. Take an art class this year (I'd especially like to try oil painting)

As you could imagine I'm way behind on most of these resolutions - WAY behind.


Nunzia said...

Ah I know JUST how you feel!

Mandi Rae said...

Hey girl. I finally found your site. I am waiting for dinner to cook and thought I'd look at friends' blogs online. I saw your post on Devon's. Nice blog. MUCH better than mine. But I must say that I've always wanted to learn oil painting too.