Sunday, November 06, 2005

Soaking in the sun's rays

Many things in life tend to swing like a pendulum. One minute everything is heading downhill so fast that the sled you're riding down, doesn't look like it will ever hit the big oak tree and crash. The next minute things are looking up and it just doesn't feel like things should really be so good. That's kinda the moment my life is in right now. Everything seems to be going great. I'm happy. I'm enjoying my job, my hours for sure. Things are great at home. I've got good friends to lean on. It looks as though dreams and wishes may be laying their foundation to break ground in 2006. The holidays are coming, so time with family is just around the corner.

When things get this good, this easy going and laid back, it tends to make me wonder when the pendulum will shift. It always seems to find it's chance to make a move. I'll definitly soak in the sunshine from this uphill climb while it lasts though.

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