Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A few pictures from our life...

Carving our Halloween pumpkins. Jason carved "Thing" from the Addam's Family and Michelle freehanded a silly Jack-o-lantern face. They didn't win in contests, but we were on a strict time schedule to get them done and had some fun in the process. Ashlie and Holly also came over for the carving fun, then we went to the Halloween party for crabapple races, good food, and singing around the fire on a freezing cold night.

The middle of October Jason's cousin Laurie got married and we attended the wedding on a gorgeous autumn afternoon. The reception was amazing and the bride was beautiful. Here is a picture of Michelle, Carol, and Angie together at the dance where they were sitting and talking rather than doing too much dancing.

Here is a picture of us taken at Silver Dollar City. We attended the church of Christ weekend with some couple friends of ours and had a great, and silly, time. It was a great weekend to get to know the Plunketts and Turners better and we'll have some great memories of the weekend to cherish for a long time.

In September we attended a surprise 30th birthday party for our brother-in-law Rich. Here is the birthday boy and his wife, Angie loading their plates with some great barbeque from Bobby D's. The surprise worked out very well, as Rich about fell backwards out the door in shock of the people yelling surprise at him. We all sat around that night talking and just enjoying being together.

Lucy asleep in her "bedroom".

Emma "protecting" our wedding album. This is one of her favorite places to sleep. I'm always lint rolling the cat hair off of it!


Anonymous said...

whoa!...good pictures! And I see your new fish tank! Rock on!

I like Jason's Halloween costume as well. Thats too funny.

Your hair IS getting so long! I'm gonna trim mine again before Thanksgiving...but I'm not cutting it. I have to keep mine in shape...or it just looks bad all the time. :)

Love you!

Angie said...

Hey Michelle I found your blog together but I don't think I have the one for just you. I have to say it was some good reading. I hadn't seen the picture of You, Mom and I before. It's a really good one. I was able to save it!

Jodie said...

Hey, what is Jayme's blog address?