Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Run Forest, Run

I went running today. Yeah! Here's the scoop:

Yesterday a friend and I went walking, we intended to jog, but that wasn't in the cards. But today we sure did. Neither of us are runners. We are not in shape and we're both looking to lose about the same amount of weight, and we're starting out cold. By that I mean out of shape, years of being out of shape that we're going to combat together. We walked an hour yesterday and today we walked and ran an hour again. Two days in a row. Yeah! The great thing about a running buddy is the motivational aspect. I'm the motivator to say lets go, and she's the motivator to say let's keep going. We push each other in different ways. When I think I can't take another step or run to the next bend in the road, she's there to tell me I can.

We are starting out slow. Running stretches that have no sort of incline, well maybe a downward incline, or is that a decline I guess. Haha, I don't know. Anyways. We'd walk 5-10 minutes and then run a minute or two. It doesn't sound like much, but for two girls who don't do any sort of exercise it was a huge step. I'd bet I ran more today that most any day in my life. Yeah! I want to try to run, I want to do a triathalon and running will be my biggest weakness by far. I'm energized now. I'm sore though too, which is pretty sad considering it's only two hours later. My quads ache. What will tomorrow bring? The blister on my foot might burst during my hour of sweat and tears tomorrow. But the pain will be worth it if I look and feel healthy, right?

I'm doing this to lose weight. I know I should be doing it to make my heart healthy, but that's not motivation enough. I need to see the results. I can't look inside my chest and see that my heart is pumping any better, I can't see that my lifespan may increase by a year or two. I need to see my butt fit into a pair of size 6 jeans and that will be worth all of this. Worth the pain I experience in my sides just 5 minutes into the walking. Worth the shin splints that last forever and ever when I jog even the slightest. Worth the chest pain I feel when I'm running out of O2. Worth the sweat, yes that is the worst of all because I dislike to sweat oh, so much.

We will see how long this lasts. I know the weather is getting cold and the sun is pulling it's shade much earlier that it should, but we will continue on. We're working on strategies to make this work, to make this happen despite those obstacles. Yeah for running!

Tomorrow I must run alone though, will I do it? That is the question...


Ali said...

Hey! You have a reader! :) I'm in the same boat with the running thing. I hate doing, and I've started. I'm going to a formal wedding at the end of December and that's my motivation. Superficial, yes, but that's what is motivating me.

I started a blog also. Don't know how often I'll continue to add to it, but it's at

Have a great day!

Joyce said...

I've just been reading all your posts--you've got quite a blog going here! I'm proud of you. I'll visit each time I'm blogging!