Friday, November 11, 2005

Autumn Hair

Every year at this time I do something I regret, usually fairly quickly and with rather good reason. Every fall I cut off my hair. I won't do it this year. I have no desire to do it this year. However, the reason I normally make a drastic change is because every year at this time my hair is at a very awkward stage. It's past my chin, but above my shoulders. It has strange layers throughout due to the short choppy haircut that marked me from the previous year. It is a visuous cycle that has found it's way into my life for the past three years in a row, maybe four... I don't remember for sure.

I never like my hair at this stage, it needs a good 6 more inches to fall below my shoulders. And then there are the problems that occur with having long hair at this time of the year... I have static-filled lockes... I have greasier hair than normal... I wash my hair at night and go to bed with it wet (so I won't freeze in the morning) and wake up with flat hair with a strange wave through one side. Aahhhh! I know the last thing could get resolved with some better planning, but still I like the way this works, if only my hair would cooperate.

So I'm frustrated. I'm planning to get a trim in the next week or two. Not a cut, I repeat, not a cut. I do plan to trim it up, even out the last few layers and possibly get some sweeping bangs to fix the overgrowth I have from my side part. Maybe that will make me feel better. I do want to have long hair, but it's such a hassle and it takes such strength to go through life looking a little less pulled together for an entire season or two. My hair will eventually find it's place in the sun. I will eventually have the look that I like. I'm at least at the stage that I can pull it back, but a trim will make that impossible again. Oh why did I ever cut of my long hair? Why did I want a cut spunky look? I just want to look like a woman again, with long flowing hair that I can run my fingers through. Maybe next summer.


Joyce said...

I've not known you to look "less pulled together". I think you always look nice. I've tried to grow my hair out several times, but I always give up. It is so thick and heavy that by the time summer gets here....just CUT IT OFF!!:) Good Luck with the growing pains!!

Ali said...

Oh hun, you do look like a woman with shorter hair!! Trust me on this one, long hair is not always better!!