Sunday, August 07, 2005

My apologies...

I have been a bad, bad, very bad blogger. Can I even refer to myself as a blogger up until this point due to the number of days that my blog has not been updated. I'm sorry to my blogger friends who I gripe at for not updating, I'm sorry to my family who claims I never write, and I'm sorry to everyone whose blogs I check daily yet never take a moment to update my own. It seems just yesterday I was blogging about my need to blog. I was blogging about my intentions to get updated and share my life story... all good intentions...

Here's an update, quick again, but at least it's something eh?

My major project at the moment is to update my computer (my 1999 iMac) and make it useful to me again. This computer was the pride and joy of it's day - I have the strawberry colored one! My intentions for it are simple. I want to surf the net, and maybe load a couple more programs like additional fonts, quilting and scrapbooking design programs, or the such to pursue digital scrapbooking and help me in my desires to become a quilter. Simple really. But is it? This computer back in the day was a speed demon. Now I've had to re-nickname it pokey as it just doesn't have the ooomph anymore. 333mhz and only 64mb ram just isn't much by today's standards. The funny thing is, the parts I need to make this computer even a bit speedier are very hard to come by. They are almost ancient now in fact and many of the computer people I talk to don't know where to turn to get them. Oh well, I will make due and I will find what I need.

Why not just buy a new computer you may ask? That's simple. We already have a great Gateway that has everything we need, including speed, for everything else. This was just a plan for me to do what I wanted with my 'puter. For my birthday my husband bought a router and we got it all connected to the net as I'd been wanting for years. Plus I have all of the great programs on it that will come in handy for scrapbooking: Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker - not the newest versions, but not the earliest either. Here's another great fact: a friend of mine gave me a Lexmark scanner/copier/printer all-in-one system months ago and I've just now hooked it up to use. It'll be my little scrapbooking and quilting technology center when I've got all the equipment working my way.

What else, I have a sewing project in the early stages. I'm making a curtain to hang over the shelfing of our buffet. This piece of furniture currently stores many of our school textbooks and just isn't the most appealing to the eye. The top has a collection of nice picture frames, some exciting pictures I have recently acquired I might add. My father-in-law made me copies of his parents and my mother-in-law's parents wedding photos and also of my mother's parents. I've got a wedding photo from my parents displayed too. Now all I need is my dad's parents and my actual in-laws wedding photos and I will have a three generation wedding photo collection. I've put the photos in frames reminiscent of the time the photos were taken and they all look so cool. I'll be so excited when I have them all there displayed, what a topic for conversation they will be.

Hmmm, what else. My husband and I have been talking about buying me a road bike. He's huge into cycling and I'd really like to be able to share some sort of hobby with him. Lord knows I won't be able to get him behind a sewing machine or scrapbook album... he knows because I've already asked. Anyways, I'm really considering this. Unfortunately bicycles are expensive. "Real" bicycles are expensive. I used to think I could go to Wal-mart, buy a Murray and call myself a cyclist, nope, not a chance when you are married to the next Lance Armstrong. We have been purusing eBay in the attempt to run across the perfect deal, but it hasn't happened yet. Oh yes, here's where my story get's good. So my hubby and I have been talking about this and he says I need a goal to get my motivation in full drive. He has suggested "The Michelle Century Challenge". This is a huge goal. A century, in bicycle terminology, is 100 miles. He's thinking I could get myself trained by next summer to ride a 100 mile ride. And here's the kicker... he's offered to do it with me... to ride the spend of a snail, to support me along the way. Our bicycle outings together usually consist of about 8-10 miles on a good ride. But we will see. Maybe next summer I'll be blogging about leaving him in my dust, hehe.

My thoughts have been leaning lately toward maybe getting involved in triathalons. Another hobby my husband has considered for himself... so why not do this together? I like the idea of half (or sprint) triathalons, though I wouldn't be sprinting... I'd be entering to finish, not entering to win. Half triathalons go something like this: 500 meter swim, cycle 10 miles, run 5k. Not an easy task for the average, out-of-shape woman. But it sure sounds like good times, doesn't it? We will see, I may not be headed in the direction of being the next Ironwoman quite yet, but don't wipe the image of me off of your mental wheaties box just yet.

Anything else... not that I can think of. I've shared quite a bit more than I had planned to anyhow. My apologies if I take another hiatus from blog world, it's never my intentions, and it sure feels good to write, but I can easily find other things to do with my time. So sad...

I'm a fourth of the way thru Harry Potter 5. Loving these books!!!

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