Monday, August 08, 2005

It's a sunshine kinda morning

I am not a morning person. Except for the weeks that I went to church camp and required a hot shower in the mornings I have never relished getting up before 9 or 10, or really even 11 am. One of the perks, I guess, of working night shift is sleeping until mid afternoon. Well, last week and this morning I've had 8 am classes to get to which means waking up before 6:30. This is very difficult when my body is telling me that midnight is W-A-Y to early to fall asleep. Also, I lie in bed all night worrying about oversleeping so my body continually wakes me up every hour with a jerk to see what time the alarm clock reads.

The funny thing. I would love to have a day shift position where I work. I would love to once again be "normal". Unfortunately, that requires me to be awake definitly by 5:30 am every morning to get to work at 6:45. That's pushing my body to it's limits. I'd have to once again learn to go to bed early, sleep in the pitch black of my bedroom, and wake up to little or no sunshine. That'll be a difficult move if and when it takes place. My body will need to be retaught how to live correctly.

So here I am. Tired, cranky, ready to curl back up into a ball, throw my head back under the covers and sleep until noon. I hope your day is filled with sunshine, mine sure seems to be.

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