Monday, August 08, 2005

One of my many loves, eBay

For those who do not know me, eBay is my friend. I love eBay. As I posted yesterday I'm working to update my computer and make it useful once again, however, this isn't going all too smoothly. Fortunately eBay has it all! I found tons of apple ram (the current item I'm obsessed with finding). Old and new, new and old. Some of it has to work on my machine and I've won an auction for what I'm 99% sure is the right stuff - for a mere fraction of the cost.

I'm now the proud owner of a huge chunk of ram... 256mb as opposed to my mere 64mb I have currently running my system. And the best part, I've spent mere dollars as opposed to buying from any of the chain computer stores where I wouldn't get the exact type I need, only something similar which they "think will work". Haha to the apple store guy who told me I should just buy a new computer. Haha to the Compusa guy who told me that I needed a certain type they don't have, but what they do carry will do (only a $109). Haha to the Micro computer guy who didn't understand why I'd want a Mac in the first place. Haha to the Apple support telephone man who told me good luck finding it anywhere!

Yeah! Did I say that I love eBay yet, cause I love eBay.

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