Saturday, August 27, 2005

I've fallen victim

I'm finally doing something that I've been putting off for years... something I should have been doing regularly for the past two and a half years.

I've been the victim of a digital camera.

My husband and I purchased a digital camera for ourselves three years ago this Christmas and have slightly fallen behind on our picture development. In fact, slightly is not nearly a harsh enough word. Of the hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of snapshots we've taken these past years my best estimate is that we've developed, maybe, 20 of those pictures. What an unbelievable, time consuming, amount of work to do all at once. But, I'm doing it. Soon, we'll be sifting through envelopes of freshly developed pictures, rather than scrolling through them on our computer. Soon, I'll be laying them out to design up-to-date scrapbook pages - hey, three years ago is still more recent than the pictures from highschool I've been scrapbooking as of late. Pictures from vacations past, family weddings, holidays, you name it we've got to get it developed.

I've been tossing ideas of what to do with these images around in my head for awhile. The answer became very clear when a patient of mine the other night at work told me that a very convenient store I shop at often, has online digital photo processing. What sold me is that the pricing is as inexpensive or even less than it's competition, and I can drive just a couple of miles away to pick up my pictures and pay when I please - as opposed to paying online and having them mailed to me. I like this added feature of control and knowledge that I have an actual person handing me my envelope of photographs, a person who can answer to me if I have a problem with the photo development. Thank you Walmart for helping me to resolve my photo procrastination problem.


jayme said...

well...when you are ready to scrapbook all those pictures callll me up!

jayme said...
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