Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Us!!!

It has been three years of married bliss - very, very hard to believe it's been that long already. We are just as in love as ever and enjoying all that life is giving us together. We spent our anniversary back in the Emporia area. In fact, the Flinthills where Jason proposed just over three years ago. Jason took me to a surprise lunch at the Grand Central Hotel and Restaurant (a beautiful 5-star restaurant in Cottonwood Falls). We arrived and I was greeted with three beautiful red roses in an arrangement on our table. The food was wonderful! We finished the lunch by sharing some authentic Flinthills bread pudding which was amazing. The afternoon we enjoyed the little town of Cottonwood Falls walking the main street and going into little shops and stores. We walked through a really cool art gallery and made our way out to the spot where Jason proposed. Unfortunately the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve was already closed for the day, so we drove through the Flinthills enjoying scenery and our time together. What a wonderful day trip and a happy anniversary!

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Jodie said...

Would you please update your blog little missy!!!!