Sunday, June 05, 2005

Women of Faith Conference

This weekend one of my best friends in the whole wide world came to visit me up in Overland Park (finally, haha). I invited Jayme to attend the annual Women of Faith Conference which was holding a session in KC this year. You can check out their website to get a better idea of the foundation behind this conference at their website:

Neither of us really knew what exactly we were in store for with this conference and we both went into it with our own doubts and expectations. However as the weekend progressed the conference really grew on the both of us. We discovered that we had a lot to learn about ourselves and our own beliefs. We discovered many mottos this weekend that we hope to learn to live by.

One thought that I'm hoping to store in my mind and cherish for years to come is simple, but really is very powerful to me. The saying goes like this: "It may not be well with my circumstances, but it is well with my soul". Jayme latched on to some good advice that I should really try to abide by as well: Don't be over-confident, slow down, and don't panic. Some great advice for two women who oftentimes do the exact opposite!

It was great getting to spend sometime with Jayme up here in KC. We had a picnic lunch Saturday during the conference and ate a HUGE dinner that night at a delicious hamburger joint called Fuddruckers. The 30 hours Jayme was here went entirely way to fast, but I know she was ready to get back home to her babies and husband (I get the exact way when I'm gone from home for even a short amount of time also).

Unfortunately the Women of Faith won't be holding a conference in KC next year. They'll be in a number of cities nearby though like Omaha, St Louis, and Oklahoma City. Maybe we'll get to take a road trip and learn some inspiring new mottos for 2006. Until then Jayme, I hope it doesn't take you another four months to come visit me!

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