Thursday, June 09, 2005

The taste of childhood

I was watching an episode of Seinfeld yesterday and Elaine was eating a classic American candy --- the Jujufruit. What is a jujufruit, I wondered, never having eaten one before. Today standing in line at the store I saw a box of these candies next to its cousin--- the jujubes.

I remembered once eating these candies at Disney World as a child. I thought they were hard and sticky and figured I had just gotten an "old" batch. Oh to taste my childhood again, I bought the box of jujubes.

They are still just as hard and sticky and nearly impossible to chew.

I think I like them though. I'll let you know after I swallow this mouth full.

FYI --- don't attempt a handful of these candies at one time.


jayme said...

sort of like cold milk duds?

Michelle Lyn said...

Hehe :P