Thursday, January 15, 2009

So much to do...

Most people assume that bringing a second baby into your home is going to be an easier experience than the first. That there is less to prepare for. You have done it before, you have had another baby and all the things that baby's require... how much more different and difficult can it be?

I have to admit, I thought this way.

In discussing having a second baby with my husband these were many of my key points. It won't be too expensive, we already have everything we need, we'll keep them close together in age and they can share everything...

As my due date is drawing closer and closer I am beginning to see that those words do not necessarily ring true for all aspects of a second child. Sure, my kiddos will be close in age - 22 months apart if all goes according to plan. This is definitely a plus, in my eyes, in the years ahead. However, I'm realizing that my baby, my toddler, is still using many of the things that her little brother or sister will be needing in just a couple of months. Oy!

I've been organizing and rearranging in order to be most frugal when it comes to almost everything. We bought secondhand furniture for Little Miss and we're going to share those items between the two bedrooms. Really, do either of them need two dressers at this point anyways? And thankfully we purchased a second changing table that will double as storage in our new nursery.

What about the crib, the rocking chair... we still are using those with Little Miss and now we need then for baby number two. Sigh.

We're going to make the transition to a toddler bed in the next week. It's being delivered soon and we'll break down the crib and move it into the new nursery in anticipation of our newest Little Tike. It's definitely a transition I'm more than nervous about. Along with the freedom of getting up at any hour, I've discovered Little Miss can definitely open her bedroom door and make a break for it if we're not prepared. Time to finally invest in a baby gate to keep her from tumbling down the staircase at 3 in the morning. Darn those things are expensive! And perhaps a toilet lock... wouldn't want to find her playing in there either... oh my, what if she opens the door into the nursery and wakes the baby! Lots to think through...

I also moved the rocking chair into the nursery just the other day. We still are using it on a daily basis with our oldest because we read to her all of the time. Fortunately her room was outgrowing it, but it's really hard to lose that piece of furniture that we've come to use more than regularly. We're going to have to figure out another alternative... the floor isn't the best option when you're 7.5 months pregnant.

And then there are the little things... the things I really dislike the idea of buying a second one... but we do still sort of need at this point for both kiddos. A diaper champ (having two in diapers is becoming more and more daunting when I think about this from every point of view), a baby monitor (couldn't hear Little Miss downstairs without it - and if she's going to be up playing in the middle of the night... I guess I'd like to know about it)... just to name a couple.

Oh, and how about the things I realize after having one kid would be nice when I have two to wrangle every day... an infant sling, a breastfeeding cover, a second baby bouncer for upstairs, a bigger diaper bag, a double stroller, a leash... okay, maybe not necessarily the last one.

It's just becoming more and more daunting as the weeks pass to realize that my list is not getting any shorter and I'm finding more and more things to add. Fortunately though I know it will all work out. We will make it through this change that is about to hit our doorstep. We will thrive and our family will grow no matter how prepared or unprepared we truly are. I'm looking forward to it more than I can say!


Maria said...

Well I have no advice for you.... I'm still freaking out about not having everything for my first one! But, I'm sure that once this newest addition arrives, everything will be okay and you'll have it all figured out and ready to add baby number 3! ;)

Bek said...

I have some good feedback on two different sling/carriers we have. We have a Hotsling that we bought from Target, and I liked it a lot because it's trendy and they fit so snuggly in there until they're about 6 months. Chloe liked being in it. But after 45 minutes of having it on with Chloe in it, my neck and back hurt sooo bad. I checked the user comments on, and other people had the same complaint I did.

We also have an Ergo Baby Carrier. It's the expensive one, $100. I wish I had the money and I would buy one for every single parent out there. It's amazing. They can't be facing out in it (the makers of it believe that facing out isn't good because of the strain it puts on the baby's pelvic area,) but you can wear it on your front (baby facing you,) on your back, or on your hip. Seriously, it's the best piece of baby equipment I own. I took it to the zoo and had her in it for hours. It also has a nursing hood. They can use it until they're almost 4 years old, so it lasts a long time.

If I could buy you one and send it to you, I would in a nano second. You should visit their website to see what it looks like and what other people say about it.

Just my two cents!

Kristi said...

I found you from Works for me Wednesday a few weeks ago (your coupon organization!). I'm new to works for me wednesday and have found a whole new avenue for my blogging, meal planning and coupon clipping!!

I must say-I feel we're kindred spirits!! I have a 15 month old and a new baby on the way in april (the kiddos will be 18 months apart). I stay at home during the week and I'm a pharmacist on friday, saturday, and sunday nights at a local hospital!!! I'd love to keep in touch with you and share and learn from each other!!! I'm hoping to up my blogs a little bit with more posting!!
Of course I'm off to work tonight so maybe not until next week!!! Please feel free to check out my blogs. Meanwhile-I'm gonna learn all I can from your blog while I'm at work this week if there is any downtime (I can read them on my blackberry to get around hospital internet firewalls..shhh!!!).

rmk said...


Bottom'll do great. We all believe in you!

Marvin, Erica and Calvin said...

Could you could keep your diaper champ in the bathroom? That's where we keep Calvin's, and I've never thought it was inconvient to have it there. I just keep some plastic bags handy for the really lovely jobs. Our changing table has a post that they hang on nicely when changing a doozy. I hate the smell of diapers and honestly I don't think any specialized trash can can contain all that potency anyway.

Do you know anyone with a bouncer or swing, but we borrowed one, once we returned to the states. It's a great way to minimize costs.

As far as slings. I totally want an Ergo Baby Carrier...sigh. But now I use one my mom made. You can find the pattern on the Maya wrap website, it's super easy. We used our Baby Bjorn until Calvin was around 7 months old and then I just couldn't carry him anymore. His feet would hit my legs, but it sure came in handy those early months and it was very supportive.

It sounds like you've gotten lots done already. Enjoy these last few weeks of your pregnancy.