Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hi Ho the Dairy-O the Flea ate the Mouse



We have been fighting an infestation of fleas in our home. Nothing too extreme, but they are here and our cats had them, and they may still despite the Frontline - grrrreat. It's totally grossing me out. I know it's part of being a pet owner. But they are in my space and they are bugs.

And I just don't. do. well. with. bugs. period.

My husband refuses to "bomb" the house because of my pregnancy and having a child. Though I assure him they say it's safe, he knows there is residual chemical left on everything. Probably a very smart man, but I'm disgusted.

So we vacuum, and we vacuum, and we vacuum. We've even opened the windows to a couple of rooms in the freezing temperatures in an effort to freeze them out. Maybe that has worked, maybe not. We will watch, and wait, and see.

Truthfully, I do not believe there really are many fleas left. I was seeing them on occasion and I haven't for a while now. It's their eggs that they have left behind that I am worried about. 100 eggs a day, per flea. Or something insane like that. What to do. What to do.

And to top it off...

We have mice trying to warm their fuzzy little feet inside our home as well. Now that totally grosses me out! Seriously.

The first one was scary and deadly looking, I was jumping on my tiptoes and babbling incoherently to my husband. If he would have let me, I would have packed up Little Miss and we'd have moved in an instant. Leaving the mouse and it's house behind. Instead we bought traps and my husband disposed of it.

Since then, I would estimate we've probably had a few more mice visit and leave. Some more promptly than others. My husband assures me that they are more scared of me, than I of them. In fact, they are starting to look sorta cute... almost like the mice in the pet store... behind the thick glass.

We have another visitor today. It won't leave and it won't go for any of the variety of traps sitting around the room. My cats have taken notice to "something" but won't wait it out. Not that I want them to dispose of the little mouse, it probably has some deadly virus and although my cats are still scratching at themselves, it would probably kill the cat and not those pesky, immortal, little fleas.

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