Friday, October 03, 2008

Piles, Piles Everywhere

I am such a clutterbug.

I do not understand how my home can consistently stay such a disaster from one day to the next. I feel as though I have been spending quite a bit of my time lately straightening, purging, organizing, and cleaning - only to end up with a home looking about the same way it started.

There are piles and piles everywhere that I turn.

Piles of things that do not have a home inside of my home and so they sit. They sit wherever we find room for them and then they migrate throughout our home based on our needs. Seriously, any horizontal surface is a target for these piles and we are great about using the space.

Just sitting here typing I can see that our entertainment center, our bookshelves, a desk, the top of the microwave, our hall tree, the floor... they have all been cluttered with piles.

We have mostly paper piles, a pile of photo frames and albums, a pile of random homeless items, boxes of more random stuff, and bags for the Goodwill. Move upstairs and it's more of the same, only with an assortment of clothes and laundry items thrown in the mix.

I feel helpless.

How do you women with organized homes keep it that way? Maybe I should be asking how do I get it that way...


Maria said...

I can't say that my home is actually organized, but when I attempt to get everything in it's rightful place, I start in one room until it's done. As I go through each room, I'll wander upon things that belong to other rooms, so I'll go and put them there... not in their correct places, but in there nonetheless. It seems to work for a few days, then I'm back to the beginning as well. I cant imagine what it will be like once our little one arrives!

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

I'm so surprised! I would've guessed from everything I read on your blog that you are the most type-A organized person I know. This makes me feel a little better about the pile sitting on the desk in front of me as I blog hop (instead of picking it up).

Meshellyn said...

Haha Kelly, thanks! I admit that I am a Type-A wannabe. I try so hard, but it seems that I can never get caught up. It didn't help that we moved just a couple of months before the birth of Little Miss and didn't unpack very well before she was born. I want more than anything to get this house in order before the next baby arrives!

Bek said...

I completely feel your dilemma, as I am battling the same thing. We purged quite a few things when we moved from Florida to here, but living in a basement leaves room for, well, not much.

Your sister and I share the same idea for cleaning; I try to clean the same room until it's 100% done, and then move on to the next room. The problem is that it takes me about two to three days to get it tidy, then as I move about into our living room and bathroom, the bedroom is a wreck again. Not to mention all of the cleaning I do upstairs of all of Chloe's things, since that's where we spend a lot of our play time.

You know, Ben and Tracy always have a clean house, so maybe we should ask them! Anytime we've "just dropped by" it's always looked company-ready!!

What I'd like to do is have John watch Chloe for a few hours, take her to the park or something, and let me get some mad-dash cleaning done. But, it would probably be just a drop in our disaster bucket.

Nurse Lochia said...

I have the same thing...piles and piles of stuff that migrate room to room. On a couple occasions, I put all the stuff in bags and cleared it all away, just to watch more piles appear out of no where. I feel your pain!

Kristin said...

I completely sympathize with your plight! In a little house like mine, even a little bit of clutter seems overwhelming!

However, I am a purger in the extreme sense - I am known for going on rampages throughout the house with a large garbage bag. My husband has learned to laugh, because I have, in a moment of "organization"- thrown away important items - I just hate piles of junk!

This Christmas we have decided to prevent the problem, and are vowing to only buy quality items for the girls (our biggest offenders!). Even if they end up with fewer presents, they will be better presents that we will want to keep beyond January!

Misty said...

hi... i have no idea if you remember me, but i was looking up in one of my old posts and you were linked, so i came over and now i remember why i like you!! lol! and i have this prob, too! horizontal surfaces always end up cluttered! and that's AFTER getting rid of almost a thousand things from my home in an effort to simplify, yikes!!!
anyway, congrats on your pregnancy and sorry for the pests (ick!!)... lol
i hope to be back to your blog!!