Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Getting my life back

I feel such an ease this week. My schedule at work is finally changing this weekend and I feel such a huge relief knowing that I will have an evening each and every week with my husband and Little Miss. An evening that won't be interrupted by the need to go to sleep or the need for either my husband or I to leave for work that evening or early the next morning. We can start having date nights, we can start having people over to our home, we can go out to dinner with friends, and make quick trips to visit family on occassion. I am so excited about this new transition in our lives and feel it's been such a long time coming. Three and a half months later it's finally here. The best part is that it's a holiday weekend making the switch an even sweeter deal since we'll have two entire days to get to spend together as a family instead of just one. I'm so happy and so thankful the day has finally come!


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Good for you! Way to hang in there through the rough of it! Enjoy your time with your family this weekend!+

D's Mom said...

Hi there!

The brand is Kilz.

Thanks for the compliment on my kiddos...they are such a blessing!

Enjoy your days off! :)

Holly said...

Yay Michelle! I am so excited for you! ENJOY your weekend!

Devion said...

What a huge blessing God can bring us when we trust Him! I know that this road has been long and uncertain at times, but God is faithful and gives us the desires of our hearts when they are to glorify Him. Wanting to spend quality family time and wanting to raise your daughter by your own hand are certainly 2 ways to glorify God. Congrats!