Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My world today

The clothing piles are no longer winning. Our house had been long overrun by piles and piles of clothes. Many clothes which we don't even wear but we don't have a place for so they land on the floor. Then they have gotten mixed with piles of clothes we do wear, dirty and clean piles. So we have had a cycle of laundry that does not ever go away, and many clothes we don't even wear that are getting cycled through the wash time and time again. It's been a chaotic mess that I don't even know how we've existed through it for so long. Today though... today I have been working like the dickens to get it under control. We sorted through my husband's clothes last night and came up with a pile he no longer wears to take to Goodwill and my donation to the pile has made it enormous. It feels fabulous to purge like this. We can now officially walk into our walk-in closet and I've made a visible dent in the chaos. But, there is still many hours left of work to do and many loads of actual laundry still to complete before I can call it all good.

On another front, I went on a "run" last night. I use parenthesis because it was a walk with occasional bursts of running throughout. We took Little Miss out in her jogging stroller and went on a two mile "run" on a nearby trail. I feel good today, definitely feel sore throughout my butt and thighs, but in a good sort of way. Hopefully tonight I can summon up the energy and perseverance to go further.


Devion said...

These " " are quotes, not parenthesis, silly! :) I just got your email. Call me any time. I'm always around, but find that I never find time to call people myself. If someone calls me, however, I manage to find the time. :) Come see us any time!!!

Bek said...

Good for you Michelle! I don't think I'll find the energy to run or exercise until after we're done nursing. And by that time, we'll probably be thinking about having another one. So I might put it off until after I'm done with my childbearing years! It sounds like fun, though! I enjoyed exercising at one time.