Thursday, June 19, 2008

Clearing the air

I figured I'd better set the record straight before the rumor mills start flying. June has been a busy month... a sick baby one week, I was sick the next, a couple of weekends that I worked three nights in a row, and now I'm out of town. So there you all know. I'm fine, I'm not pregnant, and we're all healthy and happy at the moment. I'll probably get a chance for a real update early next week... but no promises, life has just been super busy!


Bek said...

Sorry, Michelle! :) The thought ran across my mind as I was thinking what happened the last time we all went AWOL from our blogs.

I may take another leave from my blog now that John is back in town and he brought my laptop back (John went to Florida and took my laptop that I use for practicing/studying,) so I'll be getting back into studying more and blogging less.

Have fun being out of town by the way! I hope we get to see you guys again soon! We love to see you guys and your Little Miss!

Holly said...

I completely understand!! But do know that we've missed you! Hope you are all healthy now & enjoying your summer trips!