Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alphabet Soup - I&J

Man on man, I'm getting more and more behind as the weeks go. Now that I'm trying to re-enter blog world, I need to get caught up and move on. So here we go, my favorite I & J words...

Ice cream - I absolutely adore ice cream. Unfortunately I have a condition that prevents me from eating it as often and in as large of quantities as I would like. I could eat this every day and have been known to have it for breakfast. No favorite flavor, I love them all.

Internet - I'm addicted to it. I have been doing much better recently and have been trying to have the philosophy that I don't want my Little Miss watching me spend too much time on the computer.

Icicles - I think these are a must on a Christmas tree. My grandma always has had the silver stringy type of icicles, but I've chosen some pretty plastic glittery icicles to adorn our tree.

I am Legend - Whoa. I know of a few people who didn't care for this movie, but I loved it. I'm drawn more toward Science Fiction type movies and books and this movie was fabulous in my eyes. I was seeing those zombies around my house for weeks!

Infants - I've never been a baby person, in fact I'm still not. But, my baby has changed my outlook slightly and I'm definitely goo-goo over her. It definitely doesn't help that I'm having baby fever at the moment either. Bring on them babies!

Italian Food - I love Italian food, it's in my blood. My favorite dish is stuffed chicken marsala from Olive Garden, and my husband can make a great one too!

Jas - My husband of course tops my list. He is wonderful and would do anything for my daughter and I. He's amazing as a father and my love for him has grown so much as I've watched him take on that new role.

Jayhawk Basketball - I'm by no means a die hard fan, but I sure love them and watching them play gets my blood pumping. Rock Chalk!

J-E-L-L-O - It's kind of disgusting if you think about it too hard, but it's a pretty tasty treat. I prefer Jello Pudding over the gelatin and my favorite flavor is "Fluff". It's excellent!

Jimmy Johns - My favorite sandwich shop of all time. They have a mean Italian Sub!

July - My birth month. It's a great month, summertime activities, 4th of July, my birthday! Overall it's one of the most fun (and hottest) times of the year.

Jewelry - With a little one hanging off of me it's rare to get to wear much these days, but I love how it makes me feel grown up and pulled together. Even a simple pair of earrings can make me feel good.

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