Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Clothes Pile

Being an infant, Little Miss goes from one clothing size to the next in the blink of an eye. I am barely able to remain on top of this phenomenon for long before she's done it to me again. Her closet and her wardrobe are constantly needing refreshing and it's not a small task in the least. A couple of weeks ago I decided to begin the purge as she is somewhere between a 9 month and 12 month clothing size, and well, the weather is supposedly going to change soon to.

So, what did this momma do? I started pulling clothes off of their hangers left and right. I pulled clothes out of their storage containers and I bought a seasons worth of clothes all within a matter of a few days. This became one massive pile in her bedroom floor, a pile that is destined for the washer and dryer, but just has not made it quite yet. Laundry is a topic for another post, but while I'm on it... Who was the man (not pointing any fingers here) that thought it would be wise to put a washer and dryer in the middle of a hallway, behind folding closet doors? I'm sure I'm not the only woman who needs her space for sorting and folding, and I feel a little ripped off to not have gotten this space. I vow my next home will have a laundry room, whether that be in the basement or the second floor. Heaven knows I could use the workout of carrying a tub of folded laundry up two flights of stairs!

Okay, back to the here and now. So, this massive pile of clothing, some too big, some too small, grew into a mountain that was not quite conducive to Little Miss playing on her bedroom floor. So this wise momma scooped the whole pile up and threw it into the abyss which is her closet. So that is my Tackle it Tuesday project for this week. I'll be sorting, and washing, and folding, and hanging, and storing away so that my Little Miss will no longer be wearing wrinkled clothes that I've salvaged off of her closet floor.

Embarassing. I know. Check back later today though for my completed project. You'll have never seen anything as Be-U-tiful! For more Tackle it Tuesday posts check out what other's are up to at 5 Minutes for Mom.


The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

I have this same delima but instead of mine being piled up on the closet floor they are all sitting on top of her dresser. Ok, ok, they're folded neatly and organized by size and pj or day wear but still, there's a pile.

Have fun with your tackle and I know the headache of having no room to sort. Our W/D is in a small little room by our kitchen.

Check out my tackle at http://thepitterpatterboutique.blogspot.com/ (giveaway)

SmartyPantsMama - Caroline said...

I can totally relate! My munchkin's closet is a disaster! I started off so organized and just haven't kept up! Maybe I'll make that next week's tackle!
Come vist!

Devion said...

I never saw an "after" picture....

Bek said...

You know, we have the same problem. But with us all sharing a room...it pretty much grew into a monster. It took me three days of naptime and playtime to sort it all out. What a chore! What's sad is that I was so pooped from doing all that hard work, that I've let it start to grow again...but I vow to not let this vicious cycle consume our lives! Although it seems that laundry is NEVER done, no matter how many loads you do in a day :)