Monday, April 07, 2008

Just following along

I'm going to play follow the leader for awhile. My friend Bek is putting blogging aside for a bit to accomplish some things in her life and she has helped me to make the same decision. I love blogging and love being able to just share my thoughts and release some tension through this means. I do however feel that I have some other more important things to focus my energy on each and every day, namely my Little Miss. I'll be around, I'll be reading other blogs, and I'll be back every so often. Until then though, I'll be playing chase around the living room floor and outside enjoying some fresh air, enjoying life with my baby girl.


Bek said...

I applaud you Michelle! It's such a hard decision to make! I only have 1 minute to leave a comment, because I told myself I'm only checking blogs for 5 minutes...I hope you both enjoy the time outside! My little one is LOVING the outdoors, especially the flowers my mom and dad just planted. She can see them from the inside of the house when she stands up on the baby gate, and just screams "yeeeeeaaaaahhh!!!" It's just so fun to watch her get excited about little things.

Well, time's up! I'm having to be strict on this 1 minute to leave a comment thing...Anyways, good job making the tough decision. Well, it was tough for me! Okay, seriously...I gotta go!

Kellie said...

I don't have little ones but somehow I manage to miss out on getting things done that either I need to be doing around the house or could be doing to improve my life(like exercise, reading, spending time w/hubs)because I'm blogging away! I think I've talked myself into a break!

Enjoy your time off! :)